Consultant Competencies

Welcome to the resources page of the Competency-based Consultant Certification framework! These resources complement the CBC Competency Manager tool to help you develop your general consulting competencies further.

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What are the benefits of competency-based certification?

Highly personalised

It enables mentors to help their mentees to create personalised and effective training plans with measurable goals according to the mentees’ professional development needs.

Relevant to role

Only those criteria are used for measuring competencies that are relevant to real-life scenarios in a given role and correspond to current needs and realities in the domain.

Facilitates lifelong learning

The competency-based certification framework helps to establish a system of continuous improvement at all levels and promotes lifelong learning.

The competency-based framework relies on an effective mentoring process

What are the proficiency levels in the CBC system?


The mentee does not yet have any competency in the particular competency


The mentee has knowledge about the particular competency


The mentee can do the tasks required by the competency but only with assistance


The mentee can independently do the components of the particular competency

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The competency-based consultant certification framework helps me to stay focused on my professional development. I find it very motivating to have clearly defined competencies and guidelines in my domain that show me where I still need improvement and in which categories I can feel more confident to help others.

― Eszter, a mentee

As a mentor, I find CBC provides a good, solid structure: guidelines that are clear but not too rigid. Working together with the mentee, we can choose or design activities suitable for the individual to progress towards competency and accreditation!

― Michael, a mentor

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