Technology for Consulting

Stewarding digital content well is essential. Being able to use communication and collaboration technologies efficiently and appropriately increases effectiveness and reduces work time and costs.

Here are the top 5 resources suggested by CBC to help your mentees to grow in their digital technology skills

1. Getting started with Zoom

This Youtube channel provides short training videos (usually 5 minutes each) on various Zoom topics.  There are three playlists that help you to use Zoom more effectively: Getting Started with Zoom, Advanced Meeting Features, and Advanced Webinar Features.

Tip: Advise your mentee to start with the Getting Started with Zoom Playlist to verify that he/she understands the basics of Zoom.

2. Google Workspace Learning Center

This website is the training locus for Google Workspace, including all of the Google Apps. In the Learn by product section, there are 11 apps identified by name and logo. Click on the app that you want to learn more about.

Tip: Advise the mentee to focus first on the Gmail, the Calendar, the Drive, the Docs and the Slides apps first.  These five apps are the most important apps to master.

3. E-mail Etiquette

The first website is a document from the World Health Organization (WHO) that gives basic email etiquette principles for use in the work environment. The second website from Indeed gives 16 best practices for email etiquette in the workplace. The third is a Harvard Business video that has tips even pros will learn from.

Tip: Have the mentee identify three email etiquette principles that he/she feels the need to work on.  Discuss with him/her ways to incorporate these principles into their use of email.

4. Password Management

BeyondTrust gives you 15 best practices for managing your passwords.  The website from eSecurityPlanet explains the importance of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and gives you some best practices and solutions.

Tip: The mentee should verify that she/he is following best practices in the use of passwords and MFA for his corporate accounts.

5. Backup and Recovery Management

This article by Alexa Drake explains how data is at risk and why it is important to back up.  Many solutions are explained in this comprehensive article.

Tip: The mentee should learn what backup systems are available to them in their position and implement a strategy for protecting his/her corporate data from loss.

Further resources that might interest you

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