Relating to other organisations

Affirmation of organisational values are the basis of good partnerships and can significantly enhance the impact of our work.

Here are the top 5 resources suggested by CBC to help your mentees to grow in their skills as they relate to partners.

1. Micah Network

Micah Global is an international network of Christians active in relief, development, care, and advocacy.  Many people attended its 2021 virtual conference, which focused on “Kushamiri / Flourishing.”  Because language plays a critical role in any community’s well-being, this organization is an excellent networking resource for anyone interested in exploring partnerships with other organizations, which may be local, regional, national, or international in scope.

Tip: Discuss with your mentees what partnership possibilities they see in their context.

2. Partnership Resource Center

The SIL Partnership Resource Center provides a number of articles, videos, and training opportunities designed to help people form more effective partnerships.  It is sponsored by the Partnership Catalyst community of practice, which anyone can join.  The group meets monthly and usually focuses on a particular topic related to partnership development, advocacy, and mentoring.

Tip: Ask your mentees to explore the website and debrief about the most helpful resources they found.

3. Advocacy Training

A key component of being an effective partner is the ability to advocate for the language communities we serve.  SIL offers an online course in advocacy, designed to be taken along with a mentor or a group, that walks the student through the various levels of advocacy while developing a personal action plan to use the skills learned in the course.  Students will gain understanding of the principles and key issues of SIL’s advocacy, learn how to develop alliances and collaboration strategies, and develop networking and presentation skills for professional gatherings. 18-hour, cohort-based, online course.

Tip: Why not sign up together with your mentee?

4. Cross-cultural Christian partnerships

This article by Jonathan Rowe entitled Dancing with Elephants examines the issue of accountability in cross-cultural Christian partnerships.  There are many articles of this type available online and in professional journals. 

Tip: Mentees are encouraged to spend some time reading up on the various levels of engagement and issues that arise when considering or forming partnerships.

5. Coming soon


Tip: Watch this space

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