Program Design and Engagement


It is important for a consultant to understand and engage with the processes and dynamics of a language program, so that they are able to contribute effectively alongside the other project participants and stakeholders.

Here are the top 5 resources suggested by CBC to help your mentees to grow in their program design and engagement skills

1. Project Cycle Management

This is a guide from Tear Fund which explains what good project cycle management looks like.  It is part of the “Roots Guide” series, and it is a great introduction to classic project design. The guide provides tools to use in each phase of the cycle.

Tip: Ask your mentees to give you examples of how to apply the difference phases, using a scenario adapted from a real-life project.

2. How to design your program in fragile contexts?

This is a paper from World Vision that provides ideas for those who plan projects in challenging environments.

Tip: Discuss with your mentees any points of connection and integration between the paper and their context.

3. EMDC Guide

EMDC has been a multi-agency consultation that meets annually. The Journey section of EMDC is a guide that specifically addresses important issues related to language communities. Many resources are available to help communities engage with God’s word. Among all the possibilities, how does your community choose those resources that are best for your context? This guide is designed to help answer that question.

Tip: Ask your mentees to explore this rich website and debrief with them what they found relevant for their work and context.

4. A Guide for Planning the Future of your Language

This is a practical tool meant to be used by local communities who are interested in maintaining the use of their traditional language. It helps them plan what they would like to do about the future of their own language.

Tip: Ask your mentees to explain how this tool might relate to their work.

5. Project Design: A brief how-to guide for nonprofits and charities

This page helps nonprofits and charities to design a project. CharityVillage® is a Canadian company that provides online courses, volunteer and event listings, webinars, newsletters, articles, tools and resources for nonprofit staff and volunteers.

Tip: Ask your mentees to explore the website and discuss their questions.

Further resources that might interest you

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