Consultant Core Competencies

The general consulting core competencies include the following 10 categories for all consultants

Interpersonal Skills

  • Self-awareness: In relating to others, is aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Social skills: Is able to communicate and relate well with others.
  • Responsibility: Is able to effectively manage their responsibilities and commitments.

Multicultural Environment

  • Cross-cultural communication: Is able to communicate well cross-culturally.
  • Multicultural working: Is able to work well with others in multicultural environments.

Language and Culture

  • Language Use: Is able to communicate well in the language(s) used in their context.
  • Anthropology: Is able to recognize and understand relevant social and cultural features in order to interact appropriately and work effectively with others.


  • Principles: Is able to describe the formal mentoring approach (purpose, roles, expectations).
  • Skills: Is able to mentor others successfully.
  • Attitudes: Is able to support their mentees in sensitive ways.

Adult Education

  • Understanding principles: Is able to articulate the main ideas of adult learning principles.
  • Applying principles: Is able to apply adult learning principles.

Scholarship and Documentation

  • Research: Is able to stay engaged with current literature and carry out research in their domain.
  • Publishing and archiving: Is able to write publishable papers and archive data and materials.
  • Intellectual property: Is able to explain important concepts of IP rights.

Technology for Consulting

  • Data organisation: Is able to organise, safeguard and share digital content responsibly.
  • Communication and collaboration tools: Is able to communicate and collaborate effectively through technology.

Consulting Process Skills

  • Process set-up: Is able to set up an effective consulting process.
  • Collaborative process: Is able to facilitate collaborative processes of discovery, feedback and mapping the way forward while consulting.
  • Implementation and evaluation: Is able to support the implementation and evaluation processes.

Program Design and Engagement

  • Context: Is able to understand the role of context in the design and effectiveness of a language program.
  • Strategic design: Is able to articulate the principles of program design.
  • Engagement: Is able to contribute to the program appropriately alongside other participants and stakeholders.

Relating To Other Organisations

  • Relating to partners: Is able to relate well with partners and to appropriately represent their own organization.
  • Influencing and networking: Is able to interact respectfully with people outside one’s own organization (whether to learn or to influence).

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